As a FlashFix Manager you will build and inspire a high-performing team who deliver positive experiences for customers through all of our FlashFix services and products. You will share the FlashFix vision with employees and customers through leading by example and driving the FlashFix brand forward.

Being a Manager at FlashFix requires a diverse set of leadership skills. Our stores are fast-paced and very dynamic, which poses plenty of challenges. As a Manager you’ll know everything there is to know about creating amazing retail experiences and running a tight commercial operation. Being able to manage stock and seize a promotional opportunity is important. You’ll drive and develop your team to achieve phenomenal sales through the highest standards of customer care.

You’ll create a store which is welcoming; customers will see it as the go-to place for quality repairs and personalisations. Your team will see it as a place where they can learn and develop fast, with the knowledge that their talents are really valued. There’s a strong customer focus at FlashFix which goes alongside ensuring that your store meets its targets and keeps costs under control.